Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I. Lord's Supper - Oh, Holy Wonderbread!!!!! On Communion and Brotherhood

The sun was setting, aspen trees were still green; the aspens were about to turn into a blaze of fire.

We drove our Dodge Neon carefully, about fifteen miles per hour, up the Mountain Pass. We knew that it was time to get going. If we did not go over the pass by 8 pm we would be stuck in Aspen Colorado. A place for the uber-rich, not for hicks like us.

The deer came out, as we navigated up the mountain pass. . We captured the deer in our throw away cameras and discussed the Christian Communion:
"Some people are strange?"
"You got that right."
"Christ in a piece of bread,
"Divine honors, Oh Holy Piece of Bread!"
"Oh, holy wine!"
"Yeah, I could use a beer, just about now."
"Milwaukee's Best, things don't get better than this."
"I love you man!"
"I love you too, but you aint getting my Bud Light."

John 6
I Corinthians 11
Col 1:15-20

Letham, Robert The Lord's Supper Eternal Word in Broken Bread Phillipsburg, New Jersey: P&R Publishing, 2001.

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