Resolutions and Thankfulls


39. Develop Eccentric Interests in my life and through the love of Christ share them with others via bloging and podcasts.

  • 38. Write fan letters to people that I appreciate the work of. Let them know that they strike a chord in your life, and your thankfulness for their beautiful grace art.
  • 37. Goes back to Resolution One: Resolved to know that God's abundant love makes it possible to be hated but still love anyway. To not hate another for their lack of grace to me, they may hate me but I will turn my cheek to them and love them. Love is the only way to dismantle an atomic bomb.
  • 36. Bravely look at truth! It takes guts to look at truth. When gossip strikes (and it will) pray for an open discerning heart that wants to build not destroy. Then go to the first person that the account is about, and ask them what is the trouble. You will break down the barriers created by generalized Abstractions based on Possibilty not probability. A lot of conflict is resolved by checking your sources and not listening to the SPIN spun by Opinionated Falsehoods.
  • 35. Recognize that others are refugees with refugee stories. Listen to their refugee stories and witness to the Life that Christ is shaping into one body with many stories.
  • 34. Look to Christs long term planning strategies and plan for the holidays, make the choice about family and see your family during the holidays. Nothing good comes from drifting in the world. Ground yourself to the word, and think about your future purposefully through Christ. (Not the purpose driven life strategy resolution but to sit there and allow to happen is not good stewardship). There is no reason to play the hero for the hero has allready come, He is Christ Our Lord And Saviour
  • 33. Resolved to know the truth of my refugee status, my citizenship is not of this world, but of one more complete, completed by my author and creator LORD Jesus Christ. Redemption Song. Pirates, yes there are pirates....
  • 32. Resolved through the grace of God to not drift through moments, checking out and tuning into the unforced rhythm of doing, but to be clearly concious and intuned with those around me.
  • 31.Resolved to not live a purpose driven lifestyle where I utilize the law to feel that I can justify my own deeds; denying true repentance, confusing the Law and the Gospel, and obscure the merits of Christ.
  • 30. Resolved, through God's graceful plan to know that there are people who desire to help me along the path. (Trust that they are filled with the spirit as well.)
  • 29. Resolved, through the encouragement of the holyspirit to persue Eternal Truth held in the bible.
  • 28. LORD open my heart during worship and sermon time. 1 PT 4:7-11.
  • 27. LORD open my heart towards my gifts, Love your gift, if it is hospitality, if it is mercy ministries than allow me to be equipped effectively for this purpose.
  • 26. LORD, resolved, to be a committed Communitarian Remember B Days and Embrace Others; out of the love for Christ and a need to share this love with others.
  • 25. LORD, resolved, through my love and eyes on Christ, to praise the LORD my maker, my redeemer, my liberator, who makes my body a perfect temple for his residence.
  • 24. LORD, resolved, to not just talk about stuff but actually be a doer through Christ's unbounding love, and do something that is beautifully flawed.
  • 23. Resolved through Christ and the Spirit, Be dedicated to my writing every day. It is a gift by my LORD to be the best writer in me.
  • 22. Resolved through CHrist, not to feel guilty for my errors. I obsess over the must minute detail. Breathe and enjoy life.
  • 21. Resolved, through the obedience in Christ, to look up things I do not know. It is okay not to know, but spreading false truth is not bliss.
  • 20. Resolved, not through my ability but through Christs, to unplug from the devils playground and not look upon women with the thinking of lust and need. I only will look at my wife with loving eyes. Christs holy temple makes me a credible promise keeping witness to the LORD's kingdom. Sirens will destroy the knight.
  • 19. Resolved, through the grace of God, to read my resolutions every day.
  • 17. Resolved, to do a yearly retreat. Unplugging from our consumer secualr time and embrace God's Time. Celebrate Purim in October.
  • 16. Resolved, to find myself amongst God's beautiful creation giving praise to my LORD and his Providence.
  • 15. Resolved, through the grace of God, to battle the forces that draw me away from LOVE!. When my wife calls I am going to get excited that she has reached out to me.
  • 14. Resolved, through the grace of God, to do my part regardless of what others might or might not be doing.
  • 13. Resolved through the endurance endowed by Christ to keep a "Cheery-O" attitude. ALso recognize pain is real, and that by real pain I learn to endure better more maturely, and deal with the pain found in this world.
  • 12. Resolved to search the Psalms with my wife... they through the spirit show the foundation of LOVE of the Trinity.
  • 11. Resolved to listen to others with my whole heart, for often I am not listening but thinking about what I might say next.
  • 10. Resolved through the Love of Christ, to speak of only things I have learned, and not opinions based on sandy foundations. If I do not know something I wil llook it up, becuase people depend on what I say and making up stories does not help them at all.
  • 9. Resolved to record my observations, not broadcasted but written in my day planner or on my blog, so that when I am away from the heated moment, I can analyze them and decide if they are credible or not. Often they are Generalized Abstractions based on Possibilty not probability.
  • 8. Resolved to invistigate my heart when I have a complaint, we often see our own sins in others magnified and their annoying ways are a reflection of our annoying ways, a broken miror, praying that the LORD will use his vassal to encourage others not hurt others.
  • 7. Resolved, to be a better communitarian by using Face Book more frequently.
  • 6. Gospel Imparitive shown in Acts 2. Stay still and calm within the truth authored by my LORD Jesus Christ. And repent Joyfully of things that cast a shadow over my ability to witness to the LORD's kingdom.
  • 5. Resolved to be open to Gods will be done, not my will but HIS!
  • 4. Resolved to inquire through the Holy Spirit whether I acted in the best way I possibly could,with respect to the limited time I have here on Earth. Did I act like a victor or someone needy. Do I need to actively repent of something I did or did not do. The kingdom may be nearer than we presuppose.
  • 3. Resolved, be it the will of God, to have faith that others understand me and that I do not need to repeat myself.
  • 2. Resolved to work on Setting, Place, and Time ... things should have a home, and most of my ideas just float.
  • 1. Resolved, never to suffer the least motions of anger towards irrational beings.


  • 54. Starting my 55 Resolutions in 2009.
  • 27.  Getting full time at Publix (2012 May). 
  • 26. Spring Break Trip (2011) to Sarasota with my wife Jessica. Such a great time of shopping and just hanging out together.
  • 4. Sermon Study on Thursday at 11 a.m.
  • 3. Men's Group every Thursday at 6 A.M.
  • 2. Brother getting married in (2010) Berkley California.
  • 1. Maui trip in March 2009. Family Reunion for the first time in a long time.

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