Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Call To Worship I Corinthians 14.

Wow! This one is a call to Spiritual Reformation.  I am a consumer, but I am to be a strengthener of my brothers and Sisters through the Holy Spirit.  Listen to Pratt's Call  We go up and ascend to the throne and must remember that our brothers and sisters need a helping hand, a reminder to breathe, an encouraging word.   This Sunday: I will do my best to encourage all by positive words of God, and smiling upon my brother who may be hurting, and holding to my word and spend time with friends. Maybe, I will even put down my kindle. so that I am attentive to all in that two and half hour period.  I know that the penalty of prophesying and not doing is equal to be a traitor to the throne of God. I pray that my awkward insulation will burst the seams and be like new wine in old wineskins.

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