Friday, October 31, 2008

46 AD: The Jerusalem Decree

Dan the man the Derb of Derbe was loudly discussing the news from Jerusalem. The tantrum was caught on TMZ,

"What does it mean they want to circumcise us? I aint gonna let any Jew or Christian near me. I say no to amendment 2, which defines a Christian by circumcision. Aint no way they can prejudize against me.

Waiter at the Vine Room
: Sir, we can see you are upset. But can you please be more quite. You are disturbing the rest of our customers.
DMDD: Do they know who I am?
Do they know who I am?

This is not a critique of Judaism or Jewish History, it is an attempt to look at all of us. We all feel that our rights will be threatened. We all point to another person, another group, to blame. This I feel is truly aweful for it is us that need to change not a "them". I am proud of my Grandparents, Pearl and Alex who were both Jews. I wear my grandfather's ring with pride, and tradition. See: Testimonial.

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