Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Who is Polycorps 863

Pagan. Jew. Wanderer of information overload.

I am proud of my Jewish upbringing. I hope those that read this blog understand that I am not against Judaism in any way. I attempt to look at the Cross from a variety of angles. I plan to use my blog as a space to write: poetry, drama, prose, and all sorts of 'any-space-what-ever."

All I know is that the LORD has providence in my life: I would never be the Christian Deli Clerk Living in Florida, loving greatly my Community. My wife. And my home. I would never be writing everyday on my blog.

I got my teaching degree for Elementary Education from Metro State College of Denver. I was so determined to be a teacher that I failed to look. I failed to pay attention to warning signs. I pushed really hard with my own energy. I taught for three years in Denver and one year in Florida. I ended up at my own end.

My own end shattered my reality. I started to see how broken I was. I realized I was a Monkey that Threw Pooh, a Muddy Monkey. I realized that I was wearing a sh#*t T-SHIRT. I was at a place where I could be at the feet of my LORD.


I met Jessica, my wife, in my teaching position here in Florida. She stood with me when I was at my worst. Her Art classroom was an oasis of creativity. She has loved me greatly.
We got married in Maui Hawaii, March 22, 2007. It was the most wonderful moment. The dolphins, fishermen, and blue waters radiated the blinding light of God.
The Holy Spirit is working great things in my life: I am enjoying my writing on the blog and find that it has emerged. I look forward to writing on it for years to come. I am glad for any feedback. I also know that I do not have all my theology down, so any input is greatly welcomed. I look forward to hearing from you. For now I say Shalom Alechiem from the Swampy Confines of Lakeland Florida.

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