Monday, May 19, 2008

Revelation 3:15-22

The only way to wake up from complacency is a confrontation."

Pastor Tim Rice, Trinity Presbyterian.

Polycarp enters our lives on a typical day off.

You have been listening to too many podcasts to count (four hours worth, but who is counting.) Your breath stinks. You need some deodorant. You are wearing a greased stained shirt. Half eaten Frito Lays are spread across your lap. The Sour Cream Onion dip is growing Putrid. The smell is stale, it smells of American Leisure. For convenience sake we will give the name Fred to our Human, but you could name him anything you would like (Andy, Greg, Michael, David, Douglas, or Tin tin).

Polycarp: "Hey Fred, why are you sitting there just waiting for something to happen. I want to puke you out. I love you man, and no you can’t have my bud-lite. But as a friend what happened to the energy you use to have. You use to want to do stuff, change the world, be someone. Now look at you. "

Fred: " I have been working all week! So bugger off."

Polycarp: "You don't even get it. You say that because of your works, you can do what you want. As a friend I am calling you to wake up to your smelly self. Drink some espresso, through some water in your eyes, go for a walk, shake yourself out of it. Fred, you are only a monkey who can talk! So, stop throwing pooh at me and repent to find a kingdom worth so much more than this.”

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