Monday, October 27, 2008

31-41 AD: Crisis under "Little Boots" Gaius

August 21, AD 38

101 Empire Drive
Rome, Roman Empire, 00120

Herod Agrippa
1211 Camel Jockey Way
Jerusalem City, Jerusalem, 72080

Dear Herod Agrippa,

How are things in Jerusalem? I hope they are peaceful. How is the little Fox? How is your family? I hope the world finds you well. I treasure the friendship we have had through out all the years.

We were saddened to hear about the Gentiles who parodied you. We heard that "they seized a local idiot named Carabas, dressed him up with mock robe, diadem, and scepter, and paid homage to you in the gymnasium with loud cried of mari or was it maran. ("my lord' or "Our Lord" in Aramaic") (Bruce 251)

You have been a loyal servant to the Roman Empire. We are so thankful for your services your have rendered in the name of Rome. You have ruled the Provence of Jerusalem adequately.
We have rewarded you with your release from our prisons, endowment of Kingship, and a mighty fine salary.

We ask that you continue erecting statues of me in your synagogues and holy temples. We ask that you dedicate these temples, in order to bring a full blessing from our Empire. I am prepared to convert the Jerusalem Temple into a sanctuary bearing my mighty name, under the designation of Zeus Epiphanes Neos "The young Zeus made manifest." (Bruce 256) These stiff necked jews are not criminals but pitible fools, for they would have recognied my divine nature by now.

We also ask that you keep the peace between the Greeks and the Jews. We would hate to see what an uprising of those stiff necked Jews would bring to your stability. We hope you keep your territory under control, or else we might need to rethink your position.

In Hopes of Restoration,

Gaius "Little Boots"

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Bruce F.F. New Testament History. Garden City, York: Anchor Books, 1972. (234-246)
Illustration: Marvel Comics

Prayer for the Day: YHWH you are never changing, never corruptable by earthly sacrifices, never desiring a Golden Calf. I at times attempt to justify my lack of faith by my earthly goodness. But acts done outside of love are not what you require. Thank you LORD for continuing your renewal in my mind, for the old ways are slipping away and the new ways are blossoming. LORD I ask that you continue to renew my mind, continue to show how to be a pleasing servant in your kingdom, continue to use my life as a witness to others, and continue to keep me on the track back home to you.

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