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11BC - 48 AD: Herod Agrippa, King of the Jews Replies to Gaius

September 10, AD 38

Herod Agrippa
1211 Camel Jockey Way
Jerusalem City, Jerusalem, 72080

101 Empire Drive
Rome, Roman Empire, 00120

Dear Emperor Gaius,

Gaius it has been so long since we seen each other in person. I am found of our relationship. The Hasmonaen household sends our prayers to the prosperity of the Roman Empire.

Sovereignty is important to our religious scruples. The people of Judea have a desire, a longing, a hope for independence. They desire a Jerusalem that is pure of outside influence. They see a free Jerusalem, as a freer way to God. They desire a holy city of Jerusalem.

The men of Judea are tired of living under Roman Control. They speak out against the border checkpoints. They hate the frequent screenings that demoralize their spirits. We see grown men looking like little Children caught for sending a love not in class at the Synagogue. They live in fear of everyone, for their neighbor may be a spy. We have seen the secret police raid households due to something said at the local market.

We understand your need to erect statues. Statues show our visible power. We have thoughts of erecting statues of the Herod family up in Caeserea. But we ask that you hold up from putting a statue of yourself in the Jerusalem temple. The thought would enrage the men of Judea. Their anger may rise up like a mighty wave, a mighty wind, that Rome would have a hard time controlling. Long live the Roman Empire!!!

Your boot shiner,

King Herod of Agrippa

Bruce F.F. New Testament History. Garden City, York: Anchor Books, 1972. (258-264)
Illustration: Marvel Comics

Herod died in 48 AD
Note the first Gospel, Matthew , was written in - 50 AD.
The Letters to the Thessalonians were written in 51-52 AD

YHVH Your power is an awesome power, your love is an awesome, terrifying love, you surpass the strength of any boundary, your surpass any imagined monster guarding any imagined entryway, You unite and dive according to your sovereign will. I at times think I am strong enough to push through one of your boundaries by myself. I become stiff necked, like an Ox in a field, only making the chord on my neck tighter. Thank you for protecting me from my own destruction. I ask that you continue to show me how to be obedient in an independent world.

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