Thursday, October 23, 2008

32-37 AD: What held the community together?

The HOLY SPIRIT held the early Christian Church community together. This community was diverse. I am sure there were issues with everyone getting along in Antioch. I am sure there were days when everyone wished Fred would shut up. So what held the people together. The HOLY SPIRIT and the LOVE of Christ held the people together in a shalom (peaceful) unity.

Christ warned us against speaking against the Holy Spirit in Mark 3:29

But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin.

Why is it a sin to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? The HOLY SPIRIT is the active force in our life. The HOLY SPIRIT brings in the ability to dream dreams, to seek visions, to learn new things.
This is eternally good because it spirals out and its frequency gets stronger with use. The centers of learn the Synagogues (Churches) became a place of renewal, a place where one could sharpen ones mental sword through Debate. Debate increases the frequency. But if one does not use the HOLY SPIRIT FREQUENCY than the mind will no longer dream, the mind will no longer seek visions, the mind will no longer seek to learn new things. To speak against the active is to stand in the way of the mission life sought by Christians through out the world.

Prayer for 10.23.2008
I at times have spoken against the HOLY SPIRIT. This is eternally damagaeable to all around. It makes not just me but others suffer for they love to be in the sunshine of my soul. LORD thank you for my mom's view on the circle sides of life. The first view was on the lighted side of a circle. This lighted part of the circle brings life. The second view was on the dark side. This was the critical, the cynical, the part that brings death to all around. I ask that you continue to grow that beautiful garden, a garden that radiates your spirit to all around.

Written while listening to the Podcast:
Renewing Your Mind by R.C. Sproul
Books Referenced:
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