Tuesday, September 23, 2008

950-1350 AD: Our Lady's Juggler

Our Lady's Juggler: Anatole France

The story, Our Lady's Juggler, tells the story of a juggler turned monk who has no gift to offer a statue of the Virgin Mary except for his ability to juggle well. Anatole France chronicled this old medieval legend in 1892. The story shows that one honors God by performing our true calling well.
I am a Deli Clerk. I love the challenge of meeting customers needs. God blesses me in serving others. Like Barnaby (in the story) I struggle to make a living. Like Barnaby I attempt to live an upright life full of hope. The story is true to the protestant work ethic in that one does not need to be called to a "high" position to please God. God is pleased when we are strong and cheerful with our work. Read it for yourself: Our Lady's Juggler .

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