Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Editor Notes: Week of November 15, 2009

A worn out army will be like a car on blocks revving to go a 1,000 miles; it wont get there no matter how many miles role by on the odometer.

True Christian Affections Are:
1. Are a result of the Holy Spirit living in the Person
2. Come from a love for God.
3. Love the holiness of God and holiness every where.
4. Are a result of knowledge about God from the bible.
5. Come with a conviction that Christianity is true.
6. Come with realization of himself/herself in light of who God is.
7. Result in a radical change of the person in regard to God and holiness.
8. Give the person the character and attitude of Christ Jesus.
9. Give the person a tenderness of heart.
10. Are constant and consistent.
11. Leave the person with a desire to excel in sanctification rather than a personal satisfaction that he/she has completed or accomplished something on his/her own.
12. Result clearly in Good Works.

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