Saturday, October 18, 2008

32 AD: Nebraskans or Missourans in the Movement?

Were the Galileans the Nebraskans of today?

Nothing good comes out of Nebraska! We use to laugh that the N in Nebraskan Football Helmets stood for Knowledge; we meant that they did not even know how to spell Knowledge. We looked down on the bug eaters from Nebraska!
Why did the apostles came from the land of Galilee or might today from the land of Nebraska or Missouri?

Matt 26:73
They were a people who stood out due to their Galilean accent.

John 7:52
No prophet, nothing of note, came from Galilee.

John 1:46
They were a disenfranchised lot who were not part of the Jerusalem community. Nothing good comes out of here. New Yorkers named Missouri the Show Me State because they believed that they had to show Missouri how to do everything.

Isa 42:6
God had chosen a place where there could be light for the Gentiles. The place of revelation needed to be a crossroads between the Gentile and Jewish Kingdoms; Galilee was a place where the crossroads met.

Matt 15:24
Galileans were the lost the Sheep.

Matt 4:18
Some were blue collared fishermen, people of the land.

John 1:43-44 They were a people suspicious of beguiling city slickers. Most people from the farm states do not like the plans in Washington. They do not always trust government.

Acts 2:7
They were not considered intelligent in light of the Jerusalem Jews. They could not believe that Jesus had come to the Galileans (the hicks) first. The people of Galilee did not subscribe to the influence of the centering voices in Jerusalem. Galileans were outsiders, hicks, and mavericks.

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