Tuesday, October 14, 2008

30 AD: Ieus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorun: King of the Jews

What does it mean to be a religion where our God has been humiliated?

What is the cross?

Why does it matter to us today?

Why does the Cross need to remain pure?

Why won't deodorant take away the odoriferous smell off the cross?

Cicero warned, "Let the very name of the cross be far, not only from the body of a Roman citizen, but even from his thoughts, his eyes, his ears."

This weekend someone stole our two Church signs. These were signs were very important to the community of Redeemer Presbyterian Lakeland. They represented the desire of our community to reach out to those who may need some fellowship. The signs were put up in Love by our church. Our group loves the 863; and we do not make any type of indictment on the 863.

We don't believe in forcing our message down the guts of non believers. We do not try to market God to unbelievers. We believe our role is to witness to the Glory of God. We see this as telling others what Christ has meant for us.

But the Cross does smell! Humanity us humans, are responsible in the death of our Messiah and our God in flesh.

So why would someone steal our signs? How do we explain the anger towards the concept of Church?

How do we combat the human evil the human church has been part of for ever?

How do we show love when Christianity is an Exclusive Truth in a time of Relative Truths?

These are questions our Church and other Churches are working to answer. In the mean time we desire to bring our yearnings of peace and love, and our desire to dialogue in truth with others.

Shelley Bruce L. Church History in Plain Language Waco, Texas: Word Book Publishers, 1982.

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