Friday, September 26, 2008

100 AD Philly Fanatic Scares St. Andrew

Today we are a nation of cry babies fearing a threat to our bratty ways, our favorite sons status, our slavish hearts. We call ourselves Christians but do not actively campaign against the powers that may be a threat to our religion and our liberty. We spend spend spend even if it jeopardizes our current status. We have become a soft nation.

Lets look at Church History, around 100 AD -500 AD: A disorganized horde came together in unity and order through their love of Jesus Christ. Roman power stood against these Christians. Romans in power feared that the Caesar would no longer be considered God. They feared that their place of empire would not continue. (Republican/Democratic Parties?) They feared that the senate would be no longer be needed. (Capitol Hill may not have the answers?) Strong believers of the faith including St. Andrew the apostle fought the battle against this real threat to their faith. (We are to take the example). Andrew did not waiver and did not fear death onto the cross.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs records Andrew as saying:

"O cross, most welcome and long looked for! with a willing mind joyfully and desirously I come to thee: because I have always been thy lover and have coveted to embrace."

The first believers were enraptured with the beauty of our LORD Jesus Christ. They were willing to witness to the Gospel, even if this meant certain death. Today we look for an excuse to be quite, to not offend, to run away. Today we are a nation of hypocrites who fear everything. We even fear the adorable Philly Fanatic. I ask us to roll our sleeves up and walk the line and work with dignity towards being responsible adults.

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