Monday, June 23, 2008

Religious Freedom not Freedom From Religion

Our founding fathers did not want the United States to be free of religion sanctioned by the holy council of the ACLU. But rather embrace the democratic choice to follow the Spirit that is ever present. In the words of Smith an Episcopal Priest in 1784 said it most eloquently:

Thus, with the truth in our heads and love in our hearts; with zeal and public spirit, with a concern for liberty, civil and religious; with industry and economy; with a strict care for the education of youth, and their nature and admonition in the fear of the Lord; this American land shall become a great and glorious empire. Transported at the thought, I am born in future days! I see this new world rising in her glory, and behold period still brightening upon period. Where depths of gloomy wilderness now extend and shut out even beams of day, I behold polished villas and religious domes spreading around."

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